Kwanzaa – 7 Principles Worth Learning!

kwanzaaI recently came across something unheard-of – “KWANZAA” – a week-long celebration of African community across the globe from 26Dec-1Jan every year. (Read here more about it)

There are 7 principles which are expected to be followed and celebrated across the world with full joy and gusto; I tried to tailor them fit for an individual rather than as a community believing that once we practice them,our world, our perception towards ourselves and towards others will certainly change and thereby our community per se.

The principles are:

UnityUmoja (oo-MOE-jah) – Unity – Joining together as a family, community and race

To be a better person, a responsible societal person, we need to cease the thoughts about ourselves as an individual and envision of the mutual. If we give a small thought to what all we do and what all can be the ramifications to the greater large,we could collectively build a wholesome society in a tacit manner.

self-determinationKujichagulia (koo-jee-cha-goo-LEE-ah) – Self-determination – Responsibility for one’s own future

Let us be determined, tangible and perpetually ready for all the actions and decisions that have to be taken. Stop admonishing others; we must motivate ourselves and be ready for the steps taken by us for ourselves and for the society.

Collective Work & ResponsibilityUjima (oo-JEE-mah) – Collective Work and Responsibility – Building the community together and solving any problems as a group

First be True to yourselves and be a team-spirited person. Learn to take the praises as well as stones. Our success should be the reward for all the failures that made us persevere.

Cooperative EconomicsUjamaa (oo-JAH-mah) – Cooperative Economics – The community building and profiting from its own businesses

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is in vogue. Why not in our own lives. Need not to do something at the national level, start small, right from your own society. Do what all is best for the good health and prosperity of the area we live in. Returns will be large and compelling.

Nia (neePurpose-AH) – Purpose – The goal of working together to build community and further the African culture

A striving  man without purpose is like a dog chasing a running car. We have to be focused, know what has to be achieved and in what time. Let destiny be chosen by you rather than reluctantly accepting the one imposed on you.

CreativityKuumba (koo-OOM-bah) – Creativity – Using new ideas to create a more beautiful and successful community

Present times are fast-paced,running faster won’t help. Be offbeat, be creative. Our minds have to be channelized to think in a smarter way. Got a solution? Don’t raise the checkered-flag;wait & re-analyse if it could be done in a better way. Take analogous examples and try to fit them in entirely disparate context. It does help a lot to find a way out in even most complex situation.

FaithImani (ee-MAH-nee) – Faith – Honoring African ancestors, traditions and leaders and celebrating past triumphs over adversity

Faith in ourselves, our capabilities, our rich tradition is quintessential. Give a try and have a positive approach for the results. Be that baby who is thrown up in the air and instead of apprehending who will catch him, enjoy the ephemeral flight and live the moment.

It is utmost essential to understand that we are one composing element of this so-called society or community. The quality of the composing elements determine the overall worth of the encompassing contour. To bring happiness, cordial and more evolving, forward-going behaviour in the society,first we have to change ourselves. As Mahatma Gandhi quoted:

Be the change you want to see in the world


(Image source-unknown. Courtesy to Google and & special credit to howstuffworks,com for details on articles)


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