Measure of Life!


Life isn’t qualified by the branded clothes you wear
Or fluency of English you speak

It’s measured by the number of faces
who smile when they hear your name.

–Source Unknown–


5 thoughts on “Measure of Life!

    • Yes it is. First remember,nobody remembers for long what clothes u wore or which watch u bore, but how you had behaved with the person in the last meet. The quality of our character should be more

    • Yes it is to great extent, though not 100%.
      Nobody remembers for long which brand u bore with you, but the way you behaved with that person.
      Even a mute person can have a vibrant nature which can attract more hearts than a loquacious one. Even if you can’t speak good english but deal with others in very good nature, it creates a difference.
      Remember, you make it a reality, first we need to come out of the obsession of our clothing and all.

  1. this quote is from the author who wrote the book “the human women guide” and it originally goes “Life isn’t about the brand of clothes you wear, or about who looks the best. Its about the number of faces which smile when they hear your name – Christian O Ortiz”

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