To be on the happier side of life!



Today I was having a small discussion with my friend, who was quite frustrated and unhappy with his life. Real issue was oblivious and solutions quite distant. To gain some motivation in his life, he was browsing few sites and suddenly came flashing to me with a nice quote – “What has happened in the past has happened, what’s there in the future is unknown. But you see, there won’t be a single reason for you to be unhappy in the present moment!” This was so true, though there can be exceptions at times, that it is either our past bad experience or the uncertainty of the future which bother us all the times. This is one of the major factors which keep our minds engaged and never let us cherish the GOLDEN present, the time which clocks no tensions and no worries of its own.

To all this discussion I added that WE MUST ALSO STOP ASSUMPTIONS TO STAY HAPPY! He gave me a confused look that what was I saying. I explained to him that Yes, we assume a lot and hence screw up things as well as our minds. We may not be aware of this default action of our brain but as soon as something happens, we start assuming. This person must have done this; he/she must be a cheat; if the train gets late all this and that will happen, etc. If somebody is quite you again start assuming. You can yourself count innumerable moments when you had simply wasted lots of energy on assuming things which landed you no results. This power of assumptions is a reason why you start feeling depressed or anxious about anything most of the times. Why to assume about the increase in your salary after promotion when you don’t know.

Why should you keep your mind busy with all such thoughts when they are unnecessary. It is our assumptions that lead us to  prejudices which are extremely harmful. Act after you gather facts. It is important. I believe that just give it a try to unload your mind with such futile thoughts, instead channelize your energy towards gathering facts for such situations. I have been trying not to assume about anybody, anything. I’m not even thinking if anybody will ever read my article, or how many likes I will receive, or will this post another waste of time for my reader. I’m happy to write because I don’t assume and live in present.




2 thoughts on “To be on the happier side of life!

    • nope. means don’t starting judging people or develop opinions about anybody/any situation without gathering facts or in advance when u cant actually say with complete surety.

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